Harjatan Mythic Down!

Harjatan failed his pretty Queen and now the way is clear to dwelve deeper in the Tomb.
A truly grand night, two 20man teams clearing HC at the same time, Goroth and Inquisition Mythic one shotted and one brand new kill!!!!! Woop! Woop! Keep it up peeps 🙂

Demonic Inquisition Mythic Down!

Belac and Atrigan spilled all their dirty little secrets tonight!!! Exceptional progress, awesome team work and an amazing kill tonight.
Well done to all! Get ready for Harjatan and Sisters next reset!!!

And as always, enjoy the video. Thanks to Quad!

Heroic Kil’Jaeden Down!

After an amazing raid night in high spirits Kil’Jaeden is down!!! Congratulations to everyone in the team and thank you all for staying way after the official raid end. Once more you have proven what an amazing team this is. Keep it up, 8 more mythic bosses left before Argus and the clock is ticking!!!

And the video of our kill: