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Host Mythic Down!

A bitter harvest for Host tonight and a very good first kill for us!!!
Congratulations everyone, now steel yourselves as Mistress Sassz’ine aka Wipefest incoming! 🙂

And the video of our kill:

Sisters Mythic Down!

A Worthy kill Indeed! Sisters paid the price for their heresy and Mother Moon has granted us Victory!
Well done team on the new kill, get ready now for Desolate Host tonight!

And the video of our kill:

Harjatan Mythic Down!

Harjatan failed his pretty Queen and now the way is clear to dwelve deeper in the Tomb.
A truly grand night, two 20man teams clearing HC at the same time, Goroth and Inquisition Mythic one shotted and one brand new kill!!!!! Woop! Woop! Keep it up peeps 🙂