Mini Guild Meeting!

So, after a long tiring day over the barbecue, with a lot of food and after I (Athlios) managed to get Quad completely exhausted from the food, we decided to arrange a mini guild meeting.
That’s us! Looking forward to meet the rest of you in real guys!

Mythic Goroth down!


Seems like Goroth failed to gain his Masters favour afterall…
A hard earned kill that pushed everyone to new limits!!! Congratulations all! Get ready for more mythic kills next week!

Avatar Heroic Down!

HC Fallen Avatar Down!!! Sargeras’s Avatar prove to be a tough nut but it is finally down. Congrats to everyone for the kill, forwards and onwards now, get ready for the next reset.
P.S. Tactics, tactics, tactics!!! It aint gonna get easier 😛

And as always the video thanks to Quad: