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Gordian Knot

The Eternal Palace 1st Night – 6/8 HC Down

What a night!

As it is the Gordian Knot tradition, we celebrated the release of The Eternal Palace by pulling one of our legendary allnighters!

For those of you that are not quite sure what that means the answer is simple, we get the team, we stock on energy drinks and snacks, we start at normal raid time and we go until the last man standing.

And yesterday’s allnighter was a blast!

Not one, not two but eight amazing hours full of banter, laughter and of course boss killing brought us to a 6/8 HC on the first night and to a shiny 31 realm rank and this we all achieved together!

From Athlios and the Officers team to our old time Raiders and our shiny new Trials, everyone pulled their weight to bring this amazing result for the Team and the Guild!

With each fight unique and fun with all sorts of interesting mechanics everyone gave their best and pushed hard.

A special mention should go out to everyone that had to stay on back up or get rotated in and out for fights for sacrificing the excitement of the first night for the benefit of the team and this is hugely appreciated.

Also, we should give Blizzard a good old pat on the back as they did do a very good job keeping the fights interesting and challenging yet not overwhelming.  /pat Blizzard

But the race has just started, Za’qul and of course the Queen herself are next in order to get Ahead of the Curve this week and then off to Mythic next week!!!

Stay tuned for more kills this week, Za’qul The Cool (as Illy says 😀 ) is on the menu for today, so stay tuned on Ath’s twitch at 20:00  tonight and dive in the Gordian Knot experience with us!

Again, well done to all! You are all amazing!


Leleko xxx

If you want to join us and kill bosses with us, then click here and apply!