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A Night in Castle Nathria

A Night in Castle Nathria

A Night in Castle Nathria and Normal 9/10
First night of the expansion and already our gracious host Denny boy aka Sire Denathrious has granted as an audience at the top of the tower for this Sunday evening! Sexy lil’ devil, he is definitely up to something 😉

In other news, Altimore called P.E.T.A. on us, he was moaning something about us mistreating his favourite pets, Frieda cursed us several times for daring to step a foot wrong on her dance-floor and Sludgefist really needs to watch where he is going when drunk as he managed to demolish all the pillars in the main reception. Overall, it was a hell of a party!!!

On a more serious note, first night of raiding for this expansion and after almost 10 hours of raiding and the drudgery of Sludgefist we still pushed through to Stone Legion Generals and are now sitting proudly on 9/10 Normal and continuing this Sunday with Sire Denathrious and moving onto Heroic.

Well done to all for the patience and the stamina to keep on raiding for so many hours and of course the well-earned result.

Stay tuned as the week has only started, more kills incoming!!!!

If you want to join us and kill bosses with us, then click here and apply!

Also here’s a link from wowhead.

Here’s the video of the raid: