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“Essential Reading – About Us”

Gordian Knot is a well established Semi – Hardcore Raiding guild based on the Draenor European Realm. The Guild was founded from a group of seasoned Raiders that sought to create a place where people can enjoy the challenges of Mythic Progression and to do so amongst friends .
Because there are so many things to say, we’ve decided to make this guide containing all the info you need to become a member of our family!

Everything you need to know about the guild is in this document. If you feel like there’s anything we’ve left out, let us know!


Who’s That Guild?

Our guild was formed on the 15th of February 2017 and its main purpose is Mythic Raid Progression. Although we do not aim to become the next Method, we do take raiding seriously and aim in every Raid Tier to push the boundaries and achieve a good server rank.

We as a Guild, besides raiding, we highly value friendship, loyalty, dedication and a good sense of humour and over time this has resulted in having a well balanced mixture of skilled and dedicated raiders and a big loyal and active social base.

Gordian Knot is home for players from all over the world and mainly from Europe. We do enjoy the unique flavour each country brings to the table and the way World of Warcraft brings us together. However World of Warcraft is not the only game that this guild is active, there is a variety of other games that we enjoy playing together other than World of Warcraft and you can find more details regarding some of these games here: World of Tanks.

As you can see from this web site we also have the requisite web site functionality to support organized raiding including a web forum (which you will be able to access once you join us and you get an account).

Things We Like

As a group of people who have been around for a long time we have grown used to our ways. Our way of talking, playing and socializing with each other. To get an idea of what we like we’ve tried to put on paper what we think is good for the guild, its members and the people we meet while venturing out into the world. One thing we don’t want is to force people into displaying any sort of behavior that they don’t feel happy with. We do think that most of these things are common knowledge and attribute to a positive atmosphere in the game.

Helpful Attitude

We like a lot of stuff, but one of the most important thing is that we like people who show a helpful attitude towards friends, guild mates and other players. The game is, after all, a MMO, where team play is rewarded. Being nice can make or break a group, raid or quest. And who knows, you might just make a couple of new friends!
Making positive contributions to other players usually works in your favor and is greatly appreciated by the guild leadership.


Our players, along with the game, have grown and leveled up, both in-game as well as in the real world. Most of us have boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives. Many also have children. We expect players in the guild to behave in a mature way and not throw tantrums when someone out rolled you on an item and go huff quitting. This behavior is not tolerated for long. So acting mature means a lot to us. We don’t like dealing with obstinate teenagers or rage quitters.

Having Fun

Duh, it’s a game, it’s supposed to be fun. True! So we try to make our online time as pleasant as possible. This means that we mostly mess around and make jokes to have some fun. It might look harsh or insulting to the untrained eye, but it’s all meant in jest. Of course, if you do feel offended or feel like something’s going on try and talk to people to find out their intentions. If that doesn’t work, contact an officer.

Having fun is what we play for!

Contributing to the Guild

Once you’re a member there are many ways to contribute to the guild. How you choose to contribute is completely up to you. Things that come to mind are:
• Doing Guild runs for dungeons, raids, pvp, etc. Every run puts some coin in the Guild Bank.
• Boosting other players in instances, pvp, professions, etc.
• Using your profession perks to help out guild mates and add useful items to the Guild Bank.
• Organizing events. Think of Normal runs, Achievement runs or Old School raids, etc.
• Finding more Raiders! We are always looking to grow our family, so if you meet someone you think is raider material redirect them to an officer or the website.
• Sharing knowledge. Help out players with what you know. It makes everyone better players.
• Reading up on your class and knowing everything there is to know about it.
• Pro-active attitude. Got an idea? Follow it through and go for it. You’ll usually be backed up by other guildies.
• Reading the forum and contributing to discussions and other conversations.
• Passing loot for others.

Good Use of the English Language

The guild has a lot of players from all over the world, not just Europe. This means we have a lot of different nationalities and many players whose native language isn’t English. No problem! We don’t expect everyone to be fluent in English. We do, however, expect that people put in effort to write and talk properly formed sentences. We won’t trip over a spelling mistake, but we don’t like having to read a sentence three times to know what you’re saying.


Besides a long list of things we like there are also a couple things we don’t like. It’s a good idea to take notice of this as doing these things might frustrate other players. We try to create a pleasant atmosphere while playing and avoid interference factors when we can. If you feel like this is crazy then maybe this is not the right guild for you.

Leet Speak

As a mature guild we expect players to use proper English sentences and language. While we all know what ‘u’ and ‘m8’ means, we like people who aren’t too lazy to type full words and sentences. It makes what you’re trying to say easier to understand and convey an idea of maturity and intelligence. While we realize not everyone is fluent in English we do expect people to make an effort in making themselves understood. Too much of “hai dewd HRU 2day” really works on our nerves and can result in a guild kick. None of us are fluent in leet speak.

Someone Else Playing Your Account

When we see you come online we assume that it’s actually you that’s playing your character. We do not appreciate other people using your account. It can create skewed situations, mistrust and problems in certain situations. Especially when raiding we expect you to play the account. If we find out it’s not, you will be removed from the raid and receive an official warning. This stuff happens once, no more. The rules are clear, if you don’t want to follow them then maybe this is not the right guild for you.

Selling Stuff from the Guild Bank

The guild bank is so kind to sell items to members at a reduced price (based on the current AH price). This is meant for upgrading/enhancing your own gear, professions, utility, etc. When you buy items from the guild bank you are NOT allowed to re-sell them on the Auction House. This rule is meant to help out people and give them some slack when leveling professions or gearing up for a raid. If we find out you’re selling items you bought from the guild you will get one warning. Any consecutive findings will result in a guild kick. Abuse will be punished.

Inappropriate Comments or Language

We expect mature behavior in every aspect of the game, be it guild raids, LFR or PVP. You do not insult others, flame them or make hateful remarks. We don’t tolerate this in the guild or anywhere else. Behave yourself. Treat people with the respect they deserve.
When someone asks you to stop using certain language you’re expected to do so. We can’t have a negative atmosphere in the guild because two players don’t get along. Either sort out the problems, learn to live with it or look for another guild.

Spamming and Scamming

No one likes spam. Don’t do it. People will put you on ignore lists and it will reflect badly on the guild! This counts for macro’s, spamming trade channel and other spam.
Obviously the same counts for scamming. If we ever find out you’re intentionally scamming people we will have no mercy and kick you from the guild. There is a zero tolerance policy on this behavior.

Intentionally Picking Fights

If you’re a hothead and like a good argument and verbal fight this is not the right guild for you. We don’t go looking for fights just for the sake of it. We avoid them if we can and resolve issues in a mature way if they happen. Looking for fights is a sign of immaturity and we do not appreciate it.

Racist Comments and Behavior

This shouldn’t need any explaining. If you are racist or display racist behavior we will show you the exit fairly quickly. This ties in to the respect we expect from all our members towards others. If your remarks fall outside the bounds of humor you will be swiftly dealt with.

Loot Fever

Understanding that the game revolves around rewards we expect a sober attitude towards loot and everything related to it. Especially in raids we expect players to use their heads when rolling or bidding on items. Take into account who else might need the item and even think about passing it so someone else can have it. Passing loot for others is highly appreciated!


The Guild Bank currently has 8 tabs and the primary purpose of it is to store gold, raw materials and items that will support the Raid team in progression.

All contributions to the guild bank are highly appreciated and taken into consideration. Whether you can help with your professions by providing gems or enchants for example or contributing gold for the Guild to be able to provide for repairs and buy any materials necessary, donations to the guild bank are vital.

Although regular updates are posted on Guild message of the Day and Discord regarding the current bank needs, if you ever are in doubt please feel free to consult with the officer in charge for the Bank’s current needs or any other Bank related questions. (click here to see the officers’ roles)

Below you will find the names of the tabs, their purpose and what access each rank has to those tabs.


Access to: everyone but the Trial rank
Here you will find usually, lower quality enchants and gems, levelling food, pets and other items that are non essential to raiding, the contents of it are depending on the current donations and the timing, if for example it is the start of the expansion you will find more levelling related goods.
Pick stuff you mean to use, not to sell. Pick as much as you want, but be as generous. Pay back with other stuff or make a donation in gold.
If the officers find items wanted for raids, we will transfer them to the appropriate tab. If there are items that are not picked for a while that can make us gold, we sell it.


Access to: Veterans, Captains, Raiders & Officers
Here is where we keep the consumables for the raiders. Always keep in mind that you won’t be the only one picking items from here and that other people will need some items as well.

Food n Buffs

Access to: Veterans, Captains, Raiders & Officers
The storage area for food. Officers and Advisors can pick items here and give to the raiders in raids and it is also used to resupply the raiders tab.

Pots n Flasks

Access to: Officers
The storage area for pots and flasks. Officers and Advisors can pick items here and give to the raiders in raids and it is also used to resupply the raiders tab.


Access to: Officers
The storage area for the herbs, there are two columns dedicated for each herb, so if you are ever in doubt of what herbs we currently need you can always have a quick look which columns are getting low.

Food Stock

Access to: Officers
The storage area for meat and fish, there is one column dedicated for each herb, so if you are ever in doubt of what herbs we currently need you can always have a quick look which columns are getting low.

Enchants n Gems

Access to: Officers
The storage area for gems, uncut and cut ones, enchants, enchanting materials, cloth and ores. If you have large amounts to contribute, contact an officer.

Raid stock

Access to: Officers
The storage area for utility items for raids, Vantus runes, Feasts, Repair Hammers, Drums, Failure Detection Pylons, Tomes etc.

The guild vault also tries to accumulate some gold, providing us with paid repairs on progression raids. This is automatically available to people with Raider or higher rank and only during raids, but do keep in mind it’s just for the progression raids, it’s not meant for your other repairs after wiping in 5-man runs, pug’s etc.

Contribute with what you can to help us out.
Some things are always needed;
• Food with the highest stats, cooked or raw
• Flasks for raiding
• Pots
• Enchanting items
• Raw ingredients for the above items
• Profession items like vantus runes, tomes, etc.
• Herbs to make the commonly used elixirs and pots. Check the Herbs tab to see what is currently needed.

The Bank will also help you with enchants of your gear. Half AH price if we have the mats in vault.
We can’t supply mats to level your profession unless the resulting item is needed in the vault.

Buying from the Guild Bank

The guild bank can also sell some stuff. Items in the Members’ section are free to take, but do consider putting something else in or donating some gold in return. Other stuff like enchanting mats, gear, etc., are generally sold for about half the normal price on the auction house.
Important: these items are for personal use only, not for selling!


Essentially this depends on the manner of your leaving. If you’re kicked from the guild then we immediately adjust your EP to zero (if we use EP or similar point system) and even if, for whatever reason, you rejoin – you don’t get back your points.

Also, anyone leaving the guild and coming back, starts off with a rank of Trial. This effectively means it’s pretty easy to eject you from the guild. Rank doesn’t mean a huge amount in the Gordian Knot but in general if you’re a bit of a hot head, you probably want to avoid being demoted to Trial because we’re not going to take any further nonsense. All in the nicest possible way but enough is enough.

There are, however, many other ways in which you might leave the guild. Any number of your characters might become inactive for a period of 90 days in which case they’re likely to be removed from the guild. Alts frequently fall foul to this. It’s not intended as any sort of punishment, it’s purely to keep the roster within reasonable limits – E.g. under the 400 character mark or so. If you pick up that alt again ask for a reinvite. Even mains are subject to the same cleanup, so if you know you’ll be away for a while, let us know about it.

The same is true if you leave due to inactivity, extended away-period or whatever. As a general rule, if you weren’t kicked from the guild, then you’re welcome back into the guild.

People sometimes leave for another guild and find it’s not for them and come back. This hasn’t happened a lot but in general if we like you, you’ll be invited back. However if we think you’re lacking a bit of loyalty and commitment, you probably won’t be. Case by case basis again.

As with any guild, from time to time we also see the phenomena known as the ‘huff quit’. Eg. “I hate you all, I’m leaving the guild!” followed by a /gquit and then at some moderate time later, “I’ve thought it over and I was a bit hasty, can I come back?”. We understand, we really do and in general that invite will be forthcoming.

However be aware of this, you come back as a Trial. We think there should be some sort of penalty to leaving the guild and players who are lacking a little self-control to stick out an argument and resolve the matter, may not be the sort of folks we’re after in the long run if it happens repeatedly. Please be aware we’re not guaranteeing you that invite back but it’s quite likely if all it was, was your standard ‘hissy fit’. 🙂

We advise against tactics like “Wah he did this and got away with it”. We examine this sort of thing on case by case basis. The bottom line is, take a deep breath and consider your actions carefully. What you have in the Gordian Knot is a lot more valuable than trying to illustrate your point in an argument by quitting the guild. We’re reasonable people, let’s talk it over!

Discord and Teamspeak

We have a Discord server running which we can use to voice and text chat with each other. We also have a Teamspeak 3 server up and running, but only as backup at the moment. Both are mostly used during raids or other events but are available for use at any time.

Current Roles

As of 08-06-2024 the officer team consists of the following members: