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Raiding Schedule

  • Wednesday 20.00-23.00 realmtime
  • Sunday 20.00-23.00 realmtime
  • Monday 20.00-23.00 realmtime


  • Alt Run: Thursday 20.00-23.00 realmtime (not always)
  • Comms: Discord

Note: You have to be or transfer on Draenor realm on Horde side to be able to join our guild.
Note: Visit our schedule page for more info.

Personal Information

Character Information

Miscellaneous Information

Raiding Information

Being able to communicate through Discord is required for raiding
You need at least a fair connection to raid for obvious reasons
Only check the raids/modes you have completely (all bosses killed) cleared on this expansion.
Share your UI setup (during combat/raiding) if you want

When can you raid? Not necessarily valid for every week, but a general indication.

We expect raiders to attend 3 raid nights per week. If the application is really good but you can only raid 2 nights we might reconsider.

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By applying to join Gordian Knot, you automatically agree to all of our Rules and also you automatically agree to get notified regarding the status of your application via email, battlenet and in-game whisper.
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