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Author: Leleko

Guide – BoD: Champion of the Light

AKA: I am a typical woman and cannot make up my mind on what Seal to wear for the night!!!  This is a two-phase fight that rotates between phases one and two and revolves around managing 3 main abilities:   Zealotry […]


Wow’s 13th anniversary

Hello folks Wow’s 13th anniversary has started and besides getting the classic Celebration package, this year we embark on a Timewarped journey to relive classic open world boss encounters such as Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, and the four Green dragons, Emeriss, […]


Q&A Blizzcon 2017

Hello everyone! The much anticipated Q&A at Blizzcon is now finished and guess what? Anduin is not a paladin, I told you guys that was a barrier, and Jaina is complicated…. Duh aren’t all women??? 😀 In other more serious […]


Tuesday 04/07/2017 04:00 AM

6 Hours of Raiding and Raid Leading 30 wipes Guild Bank feasts and runes depleted 2 New HC Bosses Down After an epic marathon, everyone has hit the hay and I’m just sitting here in bed writing this and thinking […]