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AKA: I am a typical woman and cannot make up my mind on what Seal to wear for the night!!! 

This is a two-phase fight that rotates between phases one and two and revolves around managing 3 main abilities: 

 Zealotry and the two Paladin Seals that the boss switches around every time she reaches 100 energy, Seal of Retribution and Seal of Reckoning

Boss will always start the fight with Seal of Retribution followed by Seal of Reckoning afterwards. 

Periodically the boss also will spawn a group of adds with Call to Arms, these adds will be dealt with according to which seal is active at that point. (read more below) 

The fight is all about switching dps between the boss and the adds every time the boss switches from one seal to another

Zealotry is a stacking buff that causes the boss to deal extra holy damage and there are two ways she can get stacks of Zealotry

If Seal of Retribution is active killing an add will give her stacks. 

If Seal of Reckoning is active hitting her will give her stacks. 

Managing Zealotry is straight forward, DO NOT TRY TO CHEESE NUMBERS, only kill the adds when Seal of Reckoning is active and only hit the boss when Seal of Retribution is active. 

Throughout the fight: 

Make sure boss and adds are 30 yards apart due to

Look away when the Crusader Casts Blinding faith 

Interrupts on adds: Only focus interrupts during Seal of Reckoning phase, Interrupt priority: Penance -> Heal -> Divine Burst 

Avoid Wave of Light: Dps and Healers make sure you are always on the side of the boss, so you don’t get hit by it.

*Keep in mind that if no adds are alive the wave will target a random player instead so make sure you dodge it. 

*Healers & Dispellers: keep an eye and dispel any adds or players that get hit by the wave. 

*Boss Tank: make sure the boss is always facing the adds 

*Adds Tank: make sure the adds get out of the way of the wave and they move out of consecration, especially during Seal of Reckoning phase (Interrupting might be needed for the moving and/or grip, ring of piece, typhoon and other similar abilities) 

Seal of Retribution phase: 

Dps: Focus burst damage on the boss ! DO NOT TOUCH THE ADDS !

Boss Tank: make sure boss is always facing the adds and away from the raid 

Adds Tank: When the add gets empowered from Judgment: Righteousness mark it with Skull

Healers: Make sure the Adds Tank receives strong heal when the add is empowered by Judgement: Righteousness 

Dispellers: Be on the ready to dispel adds for efficient nuking  

Seal of Reckoning Phase:  

Everyone but the Boss Tank: DO NOT TOUCH THE BOSS 

Adds Tank:  Make sure the adds don not stay in Consecration, and are moved out of the Wave of Light. Ask for pushbacks and other similar abilities when needed. 

DPS Nuke the adds emphasising on the empowered one marked by skull 

Hello folks :blush:

Wow’s 13th anniversary has started and besides getting the classic Celebration package, this year we embark on a Timewarped journey to relive classic open world boss encounters such as Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, and the four Green dragons, Emeriss, Lethon, Taerar and Ysondre.

Logging on any character while the event is up will grant you the Wow’s 13th Anniversary Achievement and an Anniversary Gift which contains a Celebration Package (this year it gives 13% increase on XP and Reputation gains) 200 Timewarped Badges and a quest item that sends you to your faction’s capital to unlock two daily quests that award Timewarped Badges and will send you off to kill Classic World Bosses. The quest givers also sell some shiny stuff such as the “Inflatable Thunderfury”, Did someone say Thunderfury??? in exchange for Badges but the sweetest part of it is that the bosses drop some sweet 900ilvl transmog gear that had been removed previously from the game so transmog addicts this is your chance to get that awesome and rare mog item.

For a full list of all the loot dropping from the World Bosses follow this link.

Hello everyone!

The much anticipated Q&A at Blizzcon is now finished and guess what? Anduin is not a paladin, I told you guys that was a barrier, and Jaina is complicated…. Duh aren’t all women??? 😀

In other more serious news, loads of interesting things are coming our way and most notably:

  • Allied races mean 6 more character slots per realm. Ever felt like you need more alts? Well now you can have up to 17! Just give your resignation to your boss before the expansion starts as you won’t be seeing the light of day again
  • Titanforging is here to stay but with some tweaks, extreme spikes are going down
  • Raid buffs are back with a vanilla taste. Remember those long ready checks? Or that pesky Hunter that was always “forgetting” to turn off Aspect of the Pack?
  • Prayers have been heard and orcs can finally stand straight like Thrall, such a role model, much wow!!!
  • Safety first! The use of an Authenticator will now allow you to slightly increase your backpack size.
  • Ever been in a dungeon and someone from another realm didn’t have invisibility potion or food? Blizzard is now looking into trading between realms making cross realm raiding a bit easier.