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Coven Mythic Down and 9/11M !

At long last the Pantheon is free from their torture and now the time has come to face Aggramar, the Twisted Titan. Good job on the kill guys, now get ready to smash your head on a wall!!!


Varimathras Mythic Down!

Going once! Going twice! Aaaaaaaand he is dead!!!!!! So, who is up for getting their Warlocks to 970 in two days??? Coven wipefest incoming 😀


Kingaroth Mythic Finally Down!

Well bloody finally!!!! Kingaroth and his machines lay in pieces and we are off to Varimathras!!! Hard earned and much deserved kill, kudos to each and everyone that sticked with the guild during all the changes and hard times. We […]


Imonar Mythic Down!

Well, well, well… Guess who collected the bounty after all!!! The hunter became the prey and we are proudly sitting at 6/11M. Congratulations all, very nice and clean first kill 🙂  


Eonar Mythic Down!

2 Mythic kills in one week! Not too shabby girls and boys, now get ready for an explosive situation with Imonar the Soulhunter. Did someone say mines???? Congratulations everyone for pushing it really hard this week