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ADD ONs for Classic

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Dear friends,

I thought of starting this topic hoping to provide you with some usefull informations about the MUST-HAVE Add-Ons when playing WoW Classic.

Some Add-Ons are the equivalent Classic version of the same used in the Retail WoW game, while, instead, others don't exist as Classic Add-On and others are specific for WoW Classic.

Provided you were not yet aware about how to download and install Add-Ons, I respectfully remind you that there are some applications which you can safely download and install, that help you find, download and update your WoW Add-Ons with a simple click. The one I use and which I find very useful, is CurseForge, which you can download here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/create/download

So, let's start:

MUST HAVE Add On indipendently from your character class.

  1. Questie - It will make your leveling experience much smoother. This Add On is specific for WoW Calssic as in the RTL version, the questing interface has been nicely developped over the years by Blizzard; however, such "goodies" are NOT present in Classic and that's where QUESTIE comes in handy.
  2. Weak Auras - This Add On is also present in the RTL version, but the developpers have made a specific version for Classic. As most of you already know, this addon gives you lots of customization and will let you track whatever you want, however you want. I would like to post in the future a specific topic where pre-made useful auras can be imported, and perhaps a link to easy to follow instruction on how to create your own auras.
  3. Details (Damage Meter) - Also this Add On is also present in the RTL version. Details is the most popular damage meter in modern WoW, and has been ported over to Classic.
  4. Deadly Boss Mods - Again, also this Add On is present in the RTL version. If you plan to raid, having a Boss Mod addon, such as Deadly Boss Mods is a must. I trust that most of you already know the importance of using this Add On: most guilds require their members to HAVE this Add-On installed if they want to raid.
  5. Classic Threat Meter - This is a specifically made for Classic Add-On, even if a similar (if not identical) version is available on RTL If you have done any sort of dungeon in WoW Classic, then you know how easy it can be for a tank to lose aggro on an enemy. Having a threat meter like Classic Threat Meter can make a world of difference since it gives you a way to track threat, and will show you when you are in danger of pulling threat.
  6. Classic Cast Bars - In WoW Classic, by default, you CANNOT see enemy cast bars below their name plates like you can in RTL WoW. Classic Cast Bars fixes this, and will show you enemy cast bars.
  7. Classic Aura Durations - Again, in WoW Classic, by default, you CANNOT see the duration of debuffs when you target an enemy, even your own DoT effects. Classic Aura Durations puts a timer on the debuffs to show you how long is left, making it look closer to how it does in modern WoW.
  8. Vendor Price - In WoW Classic, items do not have their vendor price on the tooltip normally. Early on, every copper counts, and the decision to delete items if you are out questing and your bags are full can often come down to what will vendor for the least amount. Vendor Price just adds the vendor sell price of an item onto it's tooltip, allowing you to see ahead of time what it is worth.
  9. Atlas Loot Classic - This Add-On is also present in the RTL version, but without the "Classic" suffice. Thus, this is made specifically for WoW Classic. As most of you know, this Add-On enables you to to browse loot from various sources (PvP, Raids, Dungeons, Crafting, etc.) inside the game, without the need to visit third party websites.

There are more specific Add-Ons which you can use tailored to your Character's Class. ICY-VEINS ( https://www.icy-veins.com/wow-classic/best-addons-and-macros-guide), provides a pretty comprhensive list of them. However, I strongly advise you to carefully evaulate each additional Add-On by testing it for a few days, just to make sure it suits your playing style and that you feel 100% comfortable with it.

If other members would like to add their own list of useful Add-Ons they've found and which they think could be useful to others, please feel free to post below your suggestions.


Happy WoW to all.



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Hello guys & dolls! I just want to make an addition to the list of GREAT Add-Ons you can use on WoW Classic TBC: it's called GUIDELIME.

Basically it is a library which enahances Questie Add-Onn.

What does it do?

Guides are shown as a list of steps where the progress is updated automatically as much as possible (quests picked up / completed, quest items looted / mobs killed, etc). Only for some steps completion has to be confirmed manually (such as resupplying, getting new skills, etc). Locations referenced in the guide are shown on the map and minimap. Also there is an arrow pointing in the direction of the next step.

The addon comes with an editor so even if your favorite guide is not included in the available guides which can be installed as separate modules (see  https://github.com/max-ri/Guidelime/wiki/GuideList ), it is very easy to create your own guides or to import a guide.

It completely supports Burning Crusade Classic. There are guides for Draenei and Blood Elf starting zones, as well as Alliance and Horde Outland guides for 58-70. There are also special guides for boosted characters in order to level from 58-60 without going to Outland.


I highly reccomend it for those of you who are jumping into TBC with a Boosted Character, without going through the hassle of levelling from 0-60.


Hope you'll find useful.



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