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Hello everybody,

my nick name is Ziocosta and I have just recently joined the Classic Guild. 

I'd like to kick-off this section of the Forum, with a topic about presentations, where other guild members have the chance to introduce themselves to the rest of the community and, thus, try making it more comfortable to all getting to know each other. The end purpose is to have a group of players who by knowing a little bit of each one, have a feeling of belonging to a special club where players can have fun and enjoy the game together.


I'll start by introducing myself:

My real name is Costantino, I am Italian and am 60 years old, as a write. I have met Athlios back in late 2008 when we were both playing The Burning Crusade expansion (TBC for short) in a guild called "Tree Hugging Hippies" (or THH for short). We went along playing together until 2010 soon after the release fo Cataclysm expansion, when I decided to quit the game due to impending commitments I had in my RL job at the time.

Then, in 2018, I picked-up palying WoW again during the Legion expansion.

Athlios and I had great times together and we both have fond memories, especially those hilarious moments when we laughed to tears. And these memories are exactly what the game spirit should all be about.

I will try to extend this spirit also to all GK players on Classic, by adding other topics to this section of the forum, with the intent to help you and making things easier for you in the game.

Meanwhile, Athlios and I will still go on and laugh to tears while looking at how quickly the Mobs are capable to whipe us (... or was it vice-versa.... Hmmmm.... I don't remember now....).


Please, those of you who are already members on the GK guild on WoW Retail but also have Characters on the Classic version, do post here a brief presentation letting us know your Character's Nick and a little bit about yourself.

Those of you, instead, who are new to the Classic GN Guild, please do the same.


Enjoy the game and have fun all.



Topic starter Posted : 18/04/2021 7:09 am
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