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Frequently Asked Questions


“Frequently Asked Questions”

Here there are some answers about the first steps you have to follow after your registration is complete by one of the site administrators.
We will provide for you a Username (usually your character nickname) and a temporary password, which of course you will be able to change.

What to do next?

  • How to reset your password

You can reset your password with one of the following ways:

  • Via the link found in the email you received.
  • Via the login window and forgot password option.
  • Via the profile menu found on the top right icon of the website. Once in your profile find the “Generate Password” button and type the password you want instead of the generated one and click “Update Profile”.

  • How to visit Raid Planner.

Visit the Raid Planner by going in the navigation menu under GAMING > RAID PLANNER > CALENDAR or just click this link

  • How to login for the Raid Planner and sign up for raids.

Note: You need to use your Username and not your E-mail address to login to the raid planner.

Please make sure to check the picture below as it is self explanatory.


Thank you and enjoy your time in Gordian Knot!