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Gordian Knot

GK vs Ny’alotha Mythic

GK vs Ny’alotha Mythic

Message from the Guild Leader:

First of all I want to congratulate once again every raider that took part in this huge guild achievement and to thank everyone who supported the guild, the raiding team during this amazing journey.

Some of you already know, I’ve been in some Cutting Edge achievements in the past and in some realm first accomplishments too. Especially during my early WoW days, I even participated in a European first kill. The enjoyment I got during my first WoW days is to remember. I started raiding as an off-tank back in Molten Core in Vanilla. Then I joined the guild that pretty much taught me everything regarding raiding.

Our guild, Gordian Knot, brings back memories from my early days in WoW, and for sure, it gives me enjoyment, great moments amongst great people, knowledge, experience. It makes me continue playing the game. Makes me want to keep raiding and to give my best for this team and for our vision. To have a place we can all call home. To have a place we can all have fun and to share our spare time with friends, doing the things we love in game. What makes me even happier is that I see our family being together outside of WoW, in other games, at this time of low WoW traffic. Even in WoW we remain active at a level that very few would have imagined as possible.

I also want to thank our current officer’s team. Their dedication, determination during the last mythic fight, and how they currently plan ahead, is exactly what our team needs.

So thank you: Leleko, Narweena, Skil, Tia, Snoot, Kenney.

I want to dedicated this last video to those who were with us all this time and for the past three and a half years. Leleko, Narweena, Antiopii, Airscape, Bullkhatos, Mindcraft, Xgor, Warfiend, Darksith, Quadpower, Wadoo, Braddah, Manu, Xtotti, Tyrostorm, Fernando, Irelash, Inspekta, Mortym, Ieria/Vrykolax, Kajmak, Zeis, Ali, Chris, Dklishis, Gharthd, Layyana, Theokougia, Moe, Omar, Vixs, Truedragonz, Asnenos, Earil, Arkstorm, Danalon, Gadiel.

I want to ensure you all that we are working to make the guild even better and to be able to bring the same or better results on raiding in the future.

I wish you all have good health and have an amazing new expansion (whenever they decide to release it!).

Thank you all!


ps.If you want to join us and kill bosses with us, then click here and apply!