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Gordian Knot

GK vs Shadowlands

GK vs Shadowlands

Message from the Guild Leader:

As Shadowlands is drawing to a close I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for being part of this journey

Gordian Knot started seven years ago with just eleven people. All we knew was that we wanted to create a better place that will allow us to experience the game in our own way.
My focus has always been to strive to be fair to the entire team and to find ways to support the guild and help it grow, and although at times I have not be able to do that, these have always been my guiding principles.

The last two years have been crazy. We had to endure lockdowns, stop living life as we knew it till then, tighten our budgets, fight the flu, protect our elders and our families.
We had to fight to keep our jobs, change jobs, homes and even countries but we stood there for each other and we made it! We have come out of this craziness stronger and better versions of ourselves.
I for sure learned a lot and have grown wiser the last two years.

During all this time of course we also had our fair share of World of Warcraft

As a guild we managed to get a very stable core of people who love this community and who always give their best for it.
Words fail to describe how happy and proud I am of our guild and the people that shape this big mosaic of individuals to a beautiful image that makes this guild so unique.
We are together and each day we enjoy raiding, doing mythic plus, slacking on discord, doing arenas, farming mounts, sending messages to each other and finding friendship and comradery in each others company.

I am very happy and grateful to see our community growing into something that I would never had expected seven years ago.
This, YOU did, we created something that not everyone has, and that, is a second home. A place for everyone to relax, unwind and be safe, away from the pressures of daily life and routine.

Here, we play with our friends, with our family! My family!

Thank you all and see you in Dragonflight!


ps. If you want to join us and kill bosses with us, then click here and apply!