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New Logo

Well, new expansion, new logo!

Farewell fantastic red color and hmm… problematic BFA. Although not the best expansion BFA was, it did gave us amazing times, lots of fun, new friends and a fantastic Cutting Edge!

We are looking forward for the new expansion and for the new raid. Waiting to see you all in game and on discord and here’s our announcement for the new raid from Leleko:


Hello peeps and welcome.

Next weekend all individual roles will have meetings with their respective role leaders

The schedule is as follows:

Saturday the 7th of November:

:small_blue_diamond: 17:00 pm @Healer with @leleko

:small_blue_diamond: 19:00 pm @Melee DPS with @kennee

:small_blue_diamond: 21:00 pm @Tank with @leleko

Sunday the 8th of November:

:small_blue_diamond: 17:00 pm @Ranged DPS with @insidiae


Please note all times are Server Time.

Attendance for these meetings is mandatory for everyone that wants to Trial as Raider.
If you cannot make it for any reason, please pm your Role Leaders ASAP!

:warning: Also, as it is the Gordian Knot tradition the first night of each new Raid Tier we have an “All-Nighter Raid”, meaning we start raiding as usual at 20:00 ST and we do not stop until the early morning hours.
So, @everyone pm me ASAP if you can stay up all night the first night of the raid and up until what time please.

Please bear in mind that the first night and the whole first week of raiding for each tier are dedicated to pushing rankings and progress for the guild and for this reason the team size will be limited, so we will need everyone to show understanding and patience on that matter. Also we expect excellent preparation on tactics & class knowledge and good behaviour for all the raids you’ll get a chance to participate.

We do however plan to put a second run up the first week of the raid provided circumstances permit it.

The team composition for the first night will be finalised approximately one week before the raid release.

Please stay tuned to this channel for updates regarding raiding.

Leleko :GKBFA: