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Orgozoa Mythic Down!

Gorgonzola shredded to pieces and that’s one big jellyfish out of the way!!!! Getting closer to you Azshara! Well done to all for some solid progress and kill. Get ready for Court. Thanks you our amazing guild! We are the […]


Ashvane Mythic Down eh!

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings and god her dying cry was the sweetest song ever! Mythic Ashvane down and PRE-NERF!!! Amazing job everyone!!!! Off to Gorgonzola now Thanks you our amazing guild! We are the only WoW […]


Behemoth Mythic Down!

Fish Fillet is back on the menu guys!!! Chomp chomp ugly eel is down 🙂 Congrats everyone, nice kill and very fun night! Thanks you our amazing guild! We are the only WoW EU Guild with this kind of fantastic […]


Radiance Mythic Down!

Radiance of Azshara is down and I am waiting for Leleko for more than 30 mins now to give me a content for this post, but she is late as always. Grats for the kill! Thanks you our amazing guild! […]


Sivara Mythic Down!

Talking about a kill in the nick of time! With a previous wipe on 0% the kill was borderline headed there as well, but true to the Gordian Knot tradition we pulled it out on the last try! Well done […]