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Gordian Knot

The Marathon: Antorus 7/11 Heroic cleared

The Marathon: Antorus 7/11 Heroic cleared

– Wednesday 29 of November 2017, 20:00 PM:
41 raiders in two teams entered Antorus with 0/0 progress

– Thursday 30th of November 2017, 7:00 AM:
15 Raiders were still standing!

– Recount: After 11 hours of consecutive raiding, following a full Normal clear Gordian Knot achieved 12th realm with 7/11 Heroic bosses down!!!

An incredibe night that embodied everything Gordian Knot stands for!
Unity, perserverance, hard work, dedication and a team that is crazy enough to push the limits further and further till the point of exhaustion and it was totally worth it!!!!

Congratulations for an exceptional opening night of the new raid, Ahead of the Curve is around the corner peeps!!!

And because actions speak louder than words the kill videos are below 🙂

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