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Gordian Knot

Tuesday 04/07/2017 04:00 AM

Tuesday 04/07/2017 04:00 AM

  • 6 Hours of Raiding and Raid Leading
  • 30 wipes
  • Guild Bank feasts and runes depleted
  • 2 New HC Bosses Down

After an epic marathon, everyone has hit the hay and I’m just sitting here in bed writing this and thinking I have to get up in few hours for work.
My voice has closed completely and I doubt any amount of makeup will be able to hide the black circles underneath my eyes.
And you know what?
Tonight, I will log in and will do it all over again!!!
You guys are totally worth it!
Yesterday night boosted us up 30+ places in the realm ranks sitting on the 97th place at the moment. I expect today after our Avatar and Kil’jaeden kill to get at least 30 more ranks.
And the race has just started!!! Now it’s the time to push forward and give our very best.
We are awesome and it’s time to prove it.
Tonight’s raid would not be possible without everyone’s collective efforts.

From our Guild Master, Officers and Role leaders organising and running the show, our Raiders staying up till stupid o’ clock pushing hard wipe after wipe, the rest of Raiders on back up waiting patiently in case the team needs them, our Social Members cheering us on Gchat and Twitch and everyone that steadily provides resources to our bank and keeps us well prepared and fed while we focus on the thing that matters!

Keep killing our enemies and keeping Azeroth safe.
The road to the top is not easy and we still have hardships and hurdles ahead of us but we aiming for the top nonetheless. Failure is not an option.
There is no bigger proof than tonight that everyone here is as crazy as each other and that when we put our minds to it nothing can stop us!!!
I feel extremely proud and happy to have the privilege of leading you guys every night, even when I tell you off you know it is out of love in an effort to make us a better team.

Thank you all, gals and guys, for tonight, this was a night to remember.
You are the best bunch of peeps I have ever come across!!!!

Love ya all my crazy lil bunnies 😀

Leleko xxx

P.S. get Ready for Mythic mode next week!!!!!

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