Weak Auras

Hello and welcome to the Gordian Knot WeakAuras! Just click a button to copy the WeakAura string you need and then paste it in your addon in-game. Enjoy!

This is a combat timer for all encounters. It works in raids or dungeons.

VERSION: v1.0.2

UPDATED: 18th Oct 2020

Tracks cooldowns of interrupts of party members and raid members.

VERSION: v2.0.14-24

UPDATED: 8th Jan 2021

This WA is a replacement of the DBM and BigWigs default timer bars, with lots of customization options.

VERSION: 1.0.16

UPDATED: 18th Mar 2021

Castle Nathria raid weak auras collection for all bosses.
Other WAs for CN: https://wago.io/slraid1progress

VERSION: v1.0.141

UPDATED: 3rd Jan 2021

This leads to an external link (wago.io). It’s a collection of WAs that Limit use during the World First Race.

VERSION: Multiple WAs

UPDATED: Multiple WAs

Shows the health of the marked people in group soak group.

VERSION: v1.0.8

UPDATED: 22nd Dec 2020

This WA will ring a bell 3.4 seconds before the end of the casting. Stop resisting and get into the portal then.

VERSION: v1.0.0

UPDATED: 10th Dec 2020

Shows the direction that you want to run to when dark recital debuff is applied. Green = recital  /  Red = no recital

VERSION: v1.0.0

UPDATED: 18th Dec 2020

Makes it so your dumb dps raid idiots don’t miss their dumb dps kicks on Council of Blood. NCP id: 166969

VERSION: v1.0.0

UPDATED: 8th Feb 2020

Activates on Mythic Council of Blood when you have stacks of Dancing Fever.

VERSION: v1.0.0

UPDATED: 14th Apr 2020