Kingaroth Mythic Finally Down! Well bloody finally!!!! Kingaroth and his machines lay in pieces and we are off to Varimathras!!! Hard earned and much deserved kill, kudos to each and everyone that sticked with the guild during all the changes and hard times. We made it guys!!!! If you want to join us and kill bosses

Eonar Mythic Down! 2 Mythic kills in one week! Not too shabby girls and boys, now get ready for an explosive situation with Imonar the Soulhunter. Did someone say mines???? Congratulations everyone for pushing it really hard this week If you want to join us and kill bosses with us, then click here and apply!

Hasabel Mythic Down! Doommaiden Hasabel lays dead and the Portal Nexus has crumbled, but now is not a time to rest. Although we managed to halt the hordes of demons pouring in, Eonar the Life Keeper is in dire danger and any hope of defeating the Legion once and for all, is hanging